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Lacombe Taxpayers Association

October 23, 2010

What's new? Lacombe Taxpayers Association is new!  A New Voice for Lacombe Taxpayers and Residents to identify and learn about issues concerning the financial stewardship and management of Alberta's Newest City.

demoWe have all learned how difficult it has been to get the facts - either from the Lacombe City Council/Administration or even through local media.  Lacombe Taxpayers Association has been formed to ensure that you, the taxpayers and residents, get the facts and have a forum to discuss issues and initiatives that will have an impact on the growth and direction of Alberta's newest city.


Lacombe Taxpayers Association

October 23, 2010

Lacombe Taxpayers Association held its first meeting October 23, 2010.  Attendees voiced their concern regarding the direction of the previous council and administration. It was resolved that a formal Taxpayers Association would be a positive and effective means of providing Lacombe taxpayers with current and timely information

demoLacombe Taxpayers Association (LTA) will work in a positive environment to assess and discuss financial initiatives and capital programs being considered for the City of Lacombe. 


A New City, A New Council, A New Direction

October 23, 2010

Transparency and Financial Accountability were clearly the two major issues of the last municipal election.  Council must be held accountable to its commitments and promises.

demoLacombe Taxpayers Association has been formed to ensure that the elected city councillors keep their individual and collective promises to you, the taxpayers.

Importance of Fiscal Responsibility

  • Municipal spending must be sustainable and prioritized within a responsible budget.
  • There is only one sustainable source for municipal spending -  YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

Monthly Newsletters

In order to keep Lacombe taxpayers and residents informed on issues concerning financial expenditures, the Lacombe Taxpayers Association will be producing an 'online' monthly newsletter that will deal with current and timely information.  Unfortunately, traditional media sources have not proven to be effective vehicles for dealing with controversial and 'in-depth' initiatives.  Your voice on issues and concerns is best served through an association, the Lacombe Taxpayers Association, that will dedicate itself to ensuring that the 'transparency' and 'personal accountability' pledges from your elected City Councillors and Mayor are not empty promises made only for the purpose of getting elected.

Current Concerns

Financial Statements: The 2009 financial statements for the City of Lacombe have not been finalized and forwarded to Municipal Affairs as required by law.  There are a variety of excuses, but there is no question that there cannot be any claim of 'financial transparency' when recent expenditures are not available for public perusal and scrutiny. 

Unfunded Liabilities: Money has been pledged to a number of initiatives in recent budgets.  As well, certain capital projects have been announced or completed requiring significant expenditures of tax dollars. We have identified potentially more than Ten Million Dollars committed to capital projects for which an identified source of funding has not been provided.  Who picks up the tab?  You do!

City Hall: A number of personnel and procedure issues are keeping Lacombe from being 'business and resident friendly'.  Taxpayers must demand changes and ensure those changes are made, immediately.

Balanced Budget: CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Business) provides research on municipal spending in Alberta.  Lacombe spends more on operations than the inflation rate and population growth warrants and the gap is widening between what is being spent and what should be spent, to ensure sustainability without substantial increased taxes.  This does not even include capital projects.

Full Disclosure: Is there a difference between a half truth and a lie?  The media has misinformed or refused to inform taxpayers and residents on a growing lists of issues.  As an example, did the media report that the 'negotiated' deal with the Province of Alberta to upgrade Highway 2A is actually going to cost Lacombe Taxpayers at least $3.6 million dollars?

Specific Issues:

ReHDI: Who really knows the details of the agreement made between Canadian University College and the City of Lacombe concerning the purchase of 300 acres from CUC.  Lacombe Taxpayers Association knows that a number of City Councillors don't know.  Why has over $6 Million been budgeted over the past two years on an initiative that the Councillors neither read nor fully understand?  Don't believe us?  Ask them!

Lacombe Memorial Centre: A final financial accounting is still not available on the LMC.  Why?  Lacombe Taxpayers Association has been advised that the $3 Million anticipated as a contribution from the Federal Government has not been received and, in fact may never be received.  Who pays the shortfall if that turns out to be true?  Another Golden Egg to be paid for by you, the Golden Goose?  We need an accounting.

Municipal Planning Commission: Numerous taxpayers and residents have filed formal complaints indicating that MPC rulings have been altered or overturned by city bureaucrats.  Who's really in charge?  Who should be in charge?

Facilities Audit: Certain councillors support an initiative to attract a major hotel to Lacombe.  Do we actually have the facilities and infrastructure to truly attract a major hospitality industry investment in Lacombe?  Can we afford the facilities upgrades that may be required in order to attract such a hotel investment?  Has this been thought out or is this just another ReHDI pipe dream?

Chief Administrative Officer: Lacombe currently has an interim CAO.  The last CAO resigned under circumstances that have not been explained.  The last CAO was not hired used normal, prudent employment practices (Lacombe did not advertise the position and attempt to find the best possible candidate).  What is being done to ensure that a similar problem does not arise this time?  How many of the current problems can be attributed to the previous administration and council?  Who really was in charge?

News Letters

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Future Features

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