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Lacombe Taxpayers Association

October 23, 2010

What's new? Lacombe Taxpayers Association is new!  A New Voice for Lacombe Taxpayers and Residents to identify and learn about issues concerning the financial stewardship and management of Alberta's Newest City.

demoWe have all learned how difficult it has been to get the facts - either from the Lacombe City Council/Administration or even through local media.  Lacombe Taxpayers Association has been formed to ensure that you, the taxpayers and residents, get the facts and have a forum to discuss issues and initiatives that will have an impact on the growth and direction of Alberta's newest city.


Lacombe Taxpayers Association

October 23, 2010

Lacombe Taxpayers Association held its first meeting October 23, 2010.  Attendees voiced their concern regarding the direction of the previous council and administration. It was resolved that a formal Taxpayers Association would be a positive and effective means of providing Lacombe taxpayers with current and timely information

demoLacombe Taxpayers Association (LTA) will work in a positive environment to assess and discuss financial initiatives and capital programs being considered for the City of Lacombe. 


A New City, A New Council, A New Direction

October 23, 2010

Transparency and Financial Accountability were clearly the two major issues of the last municipal election.  Council must be held accountable to its commitments and promises.

demoLacombe Taxpayers Association has been formed to ensure that the elected city councillors keep their individual and collective promises to you, the taxpayers.

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